Uncompromising quality in every product

Behind the name Telegärtner are first-class products and services tailored to the requirements of the target group, which enjoy a special reputation among users in various industries and which enable them to pursue their daily tasks more efficiently and more promisingly. And thanks to the extensive portfolio, you can handle many of your projects from a single source. Discover our product highlights.


Coaxial Components

Coaxial Components

Whether you need coaxial connectors for high power transmission in the transmitting range, miniature connectors for inside devices or high-precision connectors for laboratory measuring instruments, we have a wide range of readily available standard products for any application – and can also meet your individual specifications. From a single batch to mass production, everything is manufactured to a high standard of quality in Europe.

Network cabling in schools

Network solutions for schools

In order to make sure that the IT cabling of a school will work well for many years, some points have to be minded. It starts with the building: In most cases, old buildings have to be retro-fitted, Depending on the room and its use, the IT cabling of schools differs significantly from that of other buildings, And economical solutions have to be chosen that have to be efficient, durable and robust.


Network Components

Network Components

We provide powerful, easy-to-install and extremely reliable solutions for the structured cabling of copper and fibre optic networks. However, we also have a specialised range of solutions designed to perform reliably in harsh ambient conditions in the field of robust high-performance networks for Industry 4.0 applications.

RJ45 module and RJ45 plug

RJ45 Connections

No other connector has such a track record like the RJ45. Originally intended as a basic plug for telephony services, the humble plug has evolved over the course of time to become the dominant IT connector.  When we take a look at high-speed data networks like 40 Gigabit and 100 Gigabit Ethernet, it’s hard to imagine that data networks descended from telephone networks. Telegärtner has set quite some trends from the early beginnings.

Components for Copper Cabling

RJ45 module

AMJ-SL Module Cat.6A

Shorter, more reliable, more secure. Thanks to its short overall length of 32 mm, the AMJ-SL module is also ideal for installation in difficult situations and compensates for all everyday installation failures with an excellent NEXT headroom.


Single Pair Ethernet

Single Pair Ethernet

Single Pair Ethernet is ideal for Industry 4.0 applications such as building, factory and process automation. The big advantage is that as Single Pair Ethernet is environment-neutral, field devices, sensors and actuators can easily be integrated into an existing Ethernet environment.



M12 circular connector

STX M12x1 and M8x1 IP67

Round, safe, robust. The STX M12x1 and M8x1 IP67 connector series are the ideal solution wherever continous cabling of industrial communication networks with the transmission of maximum data rates is required.



RJ45 Connectors

The MFP8 plug series enables time-saving and efficient onsite assembly for all networks, from Voice right through to 40 Gigabit Ethernet. Cabling to the centimeter without special tools - quickly and inexpensively.


RJ45 Connecting cables

 RJ45 connecting cables with PE and PUR jackets and also for PROFINET. The overmoulded boots with integrated latch  protection provide a secure grip for mating and unmating.


RJ45 Mini Distributor for 8 Ports

Mini Distributors MPD

Simple and cost-efficient distributors for small networks, that can be installed discreetly and inconspicuously. With the mini distributors of the MPD series you can choose between 6, 8, 12, 16 and 24 RJ45 ports.

Unshielded RJ45 module

Unshielded RJ45 Module (UMJ-SL)

The short unshielded RJ45 module is convincing due to its compact design, ease of installation and performance. Depending on grounding/ bonding, low-frequency magnetic field, available space and budget, unshielded cables can be an extremely interesting and cost-effective alternative.

Defined Disconnect CP-Link

Defined Disconnect CP-Link

The Defined Disconnect CP-Link protects expensive and mobile IT equipment with a LAN connection from damage. Should the mobile IT equipment be moved in a larger radius than the connected RJ45 cable allows, the DDCP link releases the connection from a certain pull-out force and thus prevents damage.


TOC-Series RJ45 and FO

TOC stands for Telecommunications Outdoor Connectors and offers cabling professionals the reliability and flexibility they need for toughest applications. Protection class IP68 and excellent material properties enable use in the toughest environmental conditions.

Modular Patch Distributor 24 ports

Modular Patch Distributor

The Modular Patch Distributor MPD24 with up to 24 ports for surface mounting is either available as a modular version for installation with keystone jacks or as a version with IDC termination. It enables the installation of a small networks without the need for additional racks or distributors in a cost-effective manner.

Fiber Optic Mounting Rail Distributor

Modular Fiber Optic Mounting Rail Distributor

Far too often users install distributors that are far oversized for the current application. This happens either to allow future network expansions or just because there is no solution available that really fits. Telegärtner’s new modular distributor can precisely be adapted to the current needs and grows with the network as it can be expanded very flexibly in the running network, saving a lot of money.


M12 connection module

Connection modules

Connection modules that can be installed easily with manageable costs and, most importantly, will not impair the performance of the cabling. Suitable not only for lengthening cable lines but is also ideal for professional repairs to damaged cables.

Unshielded Rj45 connector

UFP8 Cat.6A

The UFP8 Cat.6A is the RJ45 plug for time-saving and efficient on-site assembly for all networks, from Voice right through to 10 Gigabit Ethernet. It can be assembled on all standard types of cable in just 60 seconds – and no special tools are required. Whether in the office, in data centers or in home networks – the UFP8 Cat.6A offers unprecedented flexibility and saves time and money on installation, repairs and maintenance.


19"Frontplate Flex for RJ45 modules

19" - Frontplate Flex

The 19“ Frontplate Flex offers great benefits in the installation and whilst operation. Its rugged and buckling resistant construction offers room for up to 24 AMJ/UMJ Modules and Couplers. The modules snap-into the bezels and then can be installed at any time from the front of the 19” Frontplate Flex which also allows easy maintenance.

Rj45 module

AMJ-S Defined Dsconnect Modul

AMJ-S DD Module first releases a  connection between a patch cord and an IT device once a certain pull-out force in  the mating direction is reached. This prevents damage of expensive boards or  destructed jacks of the IT equipment.



Modular Patch Panel HD³-ES

The perfect interaction of all components of the new HD³-ES series create a robust, reliable and scalable platform for the economic fiber and twisted pair expansion of your IT infrastructure. The all-rounder of the modular patch panels.

Cross Connect Panel with RJ45 modules

Cross Connect Panel CCP32

The Cross Connect Panel CCP32 enables fast and flexible switching with zero downtime in your network. This feedthrough panel can transmit data up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet and is suitable for PoE+. The incoming and outgoing signal can be patched from the front of the Cross Connect Panel.

RJ45 components Cat. 8.1

Cat. 8.1 Components

Prepare networks for future applications of 25GBase-T or 40GBase-T: with the AMJ module Cat.8.1 and the cable connector MFP8 Cat.8.1, installations according to ISO / IEC 11801-1 Class I can be carried out.


Coaxial RF Components

Components for Distributed Antenna Systems

Telegärtner offers passive DAS components such as Power Splitters, Couplers or Tappers to meet the heterogeneous requirements of each site. The standard portfolio offers low-PIM components (≤ -161 dBc). Furthermore, future-proof components for frequencies up to 3.8 GHz are available for 5G applications. 

Connectors for Mobile Networks

The coaxial connectors for the mobile networks of the future: robust, space-saving and with outstanding transmission properties, equipped for the 5G generation of cellular networks.

Superior Performance - SIMFix® LP

The SIMFix® LP is a new RF connector for mobile radio applications. It is characterized by its excellent PIM values and easy assembly. In addition, the SIMFix® LP is extremely robust and waterproof, so that it can resist extreme weather conditions, such as storms, hail or heat, and it still ensures very stable behavior in terms of intermodulation and return loss. Therefore, the connector is particularly suitable for outdoor applications in mobile, PMR, public safety or military radio where a very low PIM level is required.


SIMFix® – Connectors for high-perfomance transmitters

The RF connectors in the series SIMFix® are rugged, durable connectors for use in high performance transmitter applications. These connectors are waterproof and are suitable for external use. Furthermore, they are designed to provide excellent technical performance, especially concerning return loss and intermodulation.


Jumper Cables

Telegärtner jumper cables have been tested under the toughest conditions and the excellent transmission behaviour has been confirmed by the independent institute TILAB. The broad portfolio in IP67 and IP68 includes all common mobile communication mating faces such as the Cell-IQ family (4.3-10, 2.2-5 and 1.5-3.5) as well as 7-16, NEX10 and N. 

RET Cables

RET systems require special cables to connect the Master Control Unit (MCU) directly to a RET module on the antenna. IP67 RET cables are available with AISG and / or D-Sub interfaces and with halogen-free, flame-retardant and UV-stable cable. Manufactured on customer request, they are available in any desired length.

High Density 75 Ohm Connectors

The connectors of the Mini HD-BNC series should meet the continuously increasing demands on the mechanical and electrical properties such as return loss and robustness.


Coaxial Cables

In addition to the wide range of coaxial connectors, Telegärtner offers suitable coaxial cables with a characteristic impedance of either 50 or 75 Ohm. This enables a one-stop shopping process for connectors and cables for our customers. Using the Coax Configurator, customers can also easily create and order their own cable assemblies online.


75 Ohm Components for HDTV

High Definition Television (HDTV) digital technology makes high demands on the components involved. The improved picture quality requires a much greater data volume. In order to transmit this volume with minimum losses, high quality 75 Ohm BNC and F connectors, as well as special cables, designed as accurately as possible with regard to impedance-matching, have been developed for radio and studio applications.


RF Components for
Test & Measurement

The extensive portfolio for various test and measurement requirements. The TestLine components can be used in lab and field test and measurements as well as production line testing.


Surge Suppressors 75 Ohm

Telegärtner offers a wide range of surge suppressors for protection of electronic devices. Installed in coaxial transmission lines, current impulses as high as those generated by lightning strikes in the immediate vicinity are diverted. The F surge suppressor is used, for example, in video surveillance systems, in broadcast vehicles or in head-ends.

RF Cable Assemblies with UMTC

Telegärtner also offers special cable assemblies featuring miniaturised UMTC-series coaxial connectors. The range includes cable assemblies terminated at both ends with a UMTC angle jack, or alternatively with one of the ends terminated with connector from the SMA-,R-SMA-,TNC-, and R-TNC series.


coaxial low-loss cables

Connectors for flexible LowL Loss RF Cables

The Telegärtner portfolio includes an extensive selection of coaxial low-loss cables and specially developed connectors. The possibility of purchasing both components from a single source makes our customers' purchasing process significantly more efficient. The main applications of low-loss cables are in all types of wireless communication.


Components for Fiber Optic Cabling


Telegärtner offers a fast and easy to install Fiber-In-The-Home system especially for retrofitting or upgrading of a fiber optic cabling in houses, apartments and residential units. This includes pre-assembled FO outlets and FO wall and patch panel.


Modular Fiber Optic Mounting Rail Distributor

Far too often users install distributors that are far oversized for the current application. This happens either to allow future network expansions or just because there is no solution available that really fits. Telegärtner’s new modular distributor can precisely be adapted to the current needs and grows with the network as it can be expanded very flexibly in the running network, saving a lot of money.



Portfolio for OM4

Telegärtner offers the entire portfolio consisting of patch cords, connectors and couplings in shunting and DIN rail distributors as well as FanOut modules for multimode fibers of category OM4 in violet.


TOC - Fiber To The Antenna

In order to transmit very high data rates over the long distances between base stations and antennas, providers are using Fiber To The Antenna (FTTA) technology. Cables and connectors on cell towers are exposed to very rough environmental conditions.The pre-terminated FTTA cables from Telegärtner cover most of customer-specific requirements. 

Splice Arranged Management

SAM – Splice Arranged Management System offers the optimal solution in managing fiber optic connections and safekeeping of fiber splices. Usable in diverse LAN- WAN- and MAN-applications in Fiber-to-the-Home and in industrial environments, the SAM splice cassette system plays a key role in passive distribution systems.


Connector Series 4.3-10 MT

Fast installation and minimal space requirements in harsh environments - these advantages of the innovative connector housing of the coaxial connector series 4.3-10 established in cellular networks can now also be used in fiber optic networks thanks to the 4.3-10MT fiber optic connectors.


Modular Wall Distributor

Regardless of whether it is for office, industrial, cellular or FTTH cabling, solutions are required in order to be able to splice optical fibers securely and individually to meet network requirements. The new, modular wall distributor is the "all-round" talent for future optical networks.



Whether cabling infrastructure for buildings or FTTH network, whether mobile communication or industrial application, whether security installations or smart grid – the small, robust distributor TOC ODB 68 protects fiber optic connections in harsh environments in indoor and outdoor applications. The strong, space-saving housing is UV stable and offers water and dust protection according to IP68.


TOC Series RJ45 an FO

TOC stands for Telecommunications Outdoor Connectors and offers cabling professionals reliability and flexibility even in the toughest of applications. Protection class IP68 and the excellent material properties enable use in the toughest environmental conditions with a temperature range of -40 °C to 85 °C.


Optical Distribution Box

Optical Distribution Box ODB 54

The Telegärtner ODB 54 wall distributor enables you to solve various installation demands with one  product. Whether it will be used as splice storage or as distributor housing, there is enough space in the rugged plastic ODB 54 housing for accommodating up to 24 glass fiber ports.