Connectors for Medical Applications

For the highly sensitive environment of "Health Care", in addition to the ELC Series 570 with its unique snap-in locking system, binder also offers medical-grade versions of three of their industrial snap-in and bayonet connector systems. All four series are grey-white as standard, but other colours can be ordered. Two series have more than 500 mating cycles, two have more than 5000, which is very important especially in this field. All four series are made of high-quality materials and offer the quality and reliability required in the medical field.



  • Snap-in and bayonet locking.
  • Up to 5,000 mating cycles
  • IP54 and IP67
  • 3 to 12 poles
  • Solder and dip solder connections
  • High quality materials
  • ISO 13485 certified company
  • Clearance and creepage distances available on request
  • Disinfectant resistance (see brochure Connectors for Medical Applications)
  • Biocompatibility (DIN EN ISO 10993-5)
  • FDA-compliant for aqueous foodstuffs according to regulation EG596/2009
  • DEHP-free (except contacts)
  • DIN EN 60601-11 Shock and vibration test
  • DIN EN 60601-1 Drop test

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ELC Connectors

The ELC 570 Series features a unique snap-in locking system that ensures more than 5000 mating operations, meeting the requirements of many medical device OEMs. The connector has a PA66 plastic housing in grey-white, similar to RAL 9002, 4/8/12 gold-plated contacts for a connection cross section of 0.25 mm² and is designed for a rated current of 2 A at 150 V. When unplugged, the flange socket is protected against the ingress of liquids, splashing water and accidental electrical contact. When plugged in, the ELC connector has protection class IP54.

Snap-in IP67 Miniature Connectors

720 Series snap-in miniature circular connectors have 3 to 12 contacts depending on the application. Medical-grade design is DEHP-free, grey-white, similar to RAL 9002, and is available as cable or flange connectors. Other colours can be ordered. The connector system is IP67 rated, the cable connectors have solder terminals, the flange connectors have solder/ dip solder terminals. Users can expect more than 500 mating cycles. 


Snap-in IP67 Subminiature Connectors

The medical-grade 620 Series, which is IP67 when mated, includes snap-in connectors available in cable and flange versions. Cable and flange connectors are grey-white and users can order 3, 4, 5 or 8 contacts with rated currents between 1 A and 3 A (depending on the number of contacts). Cable connectors have solder connection, flange connectors solder/ dip solder connection. More than 500 mating cycles are possible.


Bayonet NCC Connectors

The medical version of the 770 series is grey-white, similar to RAL 9002. Other colours are also available on request. These extremely reliable DEHP-free circular connectors in cable and flange versions with bayonet locking correspond to protection class IP67 when mated. The flanged version offers IP67 protection even when unmated. 770 series connectors have 8 gold-plated contacts with a rated current of 2 A each. Cable glands are suitable for cables with a diameter of 2.5 - 4mm, 4 - 6mm and 6 - 8mm. Users can expect more than 5000 mating cycles.

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