binder Subminiature Connectors

binder subminiature circular connectors are designed for applications where size and signal integrity are important. This connector arrange offers multiple locking mechanism options, including snap, bayonet and push-pull locking, as well as M9 screw locking in either IP40 or IP67 versions. Available with two to eight contacts, in straight, angled or flange connector versions. The different models have a dip solder or solder connection and are also available with moulded cables in different lengths. The housing and contact bodies are made of PUR or PVC and the contacts are made of gold-plated bronze or gold-plated brass. Eight different connector series available within this range.



  • Choice of locking mechanism
  • Protection class IP40 or IP67
  • 2 to 8 poles
  • Straight and angled versions
  • Up to 1,000 mating cycles

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Snap-in IP40 Connectors

These snap-in connector series can be supplied with up to 5 contacts rated 3A at 60V. Several versions are available including cable connectors with or without strain relief, connectors moulded to cables and panel mount connectors with solder and dip-solder termination. Cable outlet size is 3-5mm and users can expect more than 100 mating cycles.




Snap-in IP67 Connectors

These snap-lock connectors meet the requirements of protection class IP67 when mated and are suitable for applications requiring protection against dust and liquids. Available as cable connectors or with moulded cables, but can also be designed as flange connectors. The cable connectors and flange connectors are available in black, red, blue or green. Users can choose between 3-, 4-, 5- or 8-pole versions, which are designed for a rated current between 1A and 3A at 63 - 125V. Most models are available with solder or dip solder termination. More than 500 mating cycles are possible.

Bayonet IP40 Connectors

The 710 series includes IP40 cable connectors and flange connectors available with 2-8 gold-plated contacts and rated between 1A and 4A at 125V. They have a plastic housing, a bayonet lock and a solder connection. The connection cross-section is between 0.14 mm² and 0.25 mm² with a limit temperature of -40°C to +85°C.


Bayonet NCC Connectors

The 670 series includes cable plugs and flange sockets. The flange sockets are IP54 rated when unmated and IP67 when plugged in. The connectors are available with 5 gold-plated contacts and are designed for a rated current of 2A at 50V. They have a plastic housing, a bayonet lock and a solder or dip solder connection. The connection cross-section is 0.25 mm² with a limit temperature of -25°C to +85°C.

Micro Push-Pull IP67 Connectors

Available with 3, 4 or 5 contacts rated 1A at 125V, the 420 series has a push-pull locking system which, when mated, fulfil IP67.The housing diameter of the cable connector measures just 9.5mm while the panel mount version measures 12.6mm. Mating cycles can be 1000+, wire gauge maximum 0.14mm² and termination is solder.


Push-Pull IP67 Connectors

With a push-pull locking system and protection of up to IP67, the 430 series comes in both cable connector and panel mount versions – both of which are shieldable if required. Available with 3 to 8 contacts rated between 1A and 4A, termination is solder with wire sizes from 0.14mm² to 0.25mm². The diameter of the cable connector is 14.5mm while the panel mount version measures 17.5mm.

M9 IP40 Connectors

The 711 series are subminiature M9 screw termination connectors available in panel mount and cable connector versions. Both measure 11.5mm diameter and can be supplied with 2 to 8 contacts depending on the application. The rated current ranges 1 to 4A at 125V. They feature solder termination a protection degree of IP40 and have been designed for over 500 mating cycles.

M9 IP67 Connectors

These subminiature M9 connectors are available with 2 to 8 contacts for panel mounting or as cable connectors where binder also offers moulded versions. Both versions are shieldable. Cable connectors feature solder termination while the panel mount versions are available with solder and dip solder termination. Degree of protection is IP67 with an operating temperature range is -40°C to +85°C.

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