binder Power Connectors

binder range of power connectors is suitable for virtually any low and high voltage application, from security and CCTV systems to fieldbus Ethernet components and AC and DC motors. Some models meet the requirements of the most extreme environments - both indoor and outdoor. Various connection options are available, and bayonet, M25 and RD24 locking systems are available. Some models are ESTI+, UL and VDE approved. To expand the range of applications, users can choose between straight and right-angled cable and flange versions.



  • 3 to 24 contacts, also with +PE
  • Protection class from IP40 to IP69K
  • UL, VDE and ESTI+ approval
  • Cable and flange formats
  • Solder, screw terminal, crimp connection and moulded cable
  • Shieldable versions

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Bayonet IP40 Power Connectors

These bayonet connectors comply with protection class IP40 and offer 3 to 12 contacts with a rated current of 5 A and 10 A (depending on the number of contacts). Cable and flange connectors have a solder connection and an operating temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C. Flanged plug/flange socket of the 690 series has the dimensions 31mm x 44mm, a shieldable version is available. More than 500 mating cycles are possible.


M25 IP40 Power Connectors

691 series connectors are available in both cable and flange versions and have an M25 screw locking mechanism and a solder connection. They comply with protection class IP40 with an operating temperature range from -40 ⁰C to +85 ⁰C. These connectors are available with 3 to 12 contacts with a rated current of 5 A (125 V) and 10 A (250 V) depending on the number. The diameter of the cable connector/cable socket is 28mm, the flange version has a diameter of 42.5mm. Both are shieldable.

RD24 Power Connectors

Connectors of the 692/693 series have 3+PE (rated current 16 A) or 6+PE (rated current 10 A) contacts, they are available with solder, crimp or screw terminals and moulded cable. With IP67 protection, the series offers straight and angled cable plugs and receptacles as well as flange versions with dimensions of 38mm x 29mm. It has RD24 screw locking, the operating temperature range is between -40 °C and +100 °C and the connection cross-section is AWG 16 or max. AWG 18. The connectors are VDE, SEV and UL approved.

Bayonet HEC Power Connectors

Connectors for harsh environments of the HEC series 696 (Harsh Environment Connectors) are available as square flange and cable versions with integrated protective conduit, which can protect cables up to IP67 and when mated up to IP69K. The connectors are UV-resistant and have VDE and UL approval. The high mechanical load capacity of the products is confirmed by more than 500 mating cycles for the 12-pole version and more than 1000 mating cycles for the 5- and 8-pole versions.

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