binder Miniature Connectors

These seven series of miniature circular connectors are suitable for a wide range of applications thanks to a wide choice of locking systems, contact arrangements, IP protection classes and connections. Customers can choose between push-pull, snap-in, bayonet and M16 locking. Depending on the series, connectors with 2 to 24 contacts are available in cable or flange versions. Connection types are crimp, dip solder, screw clamp and solder connections, stranded wires and moulded cable. Like all products from binder, these miniature connectors are manufactured from high-quality materials for a long and reliable service life. Many are UL and VDE approved, some are ASIG compliant.



  • Protection class IP40, IP67, IP67 shielded or IP68
  • 2 to 24 poles
  • Straight and angled cable versions
  • Flange versions
  • Gold or silver plated brass and bronze contacts
  • 1000 mating cycles and more
  • Multiple locking systems including bayonet, snap-in and M16

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Snap-in IP67 Connectors

Miniature round connectors with snap-in locking have 3 to 12 contacts depending on the application. Both the 16mm cable version and the 16mm flange version are IP67 rated and available in black, red, blue and green. Cable connectors have solder terminals, flange connectors have solder/immersion solder terminals.

Bayonet IP40 Connectors

Bayonet cable and flange connectors with IP40 protection are available with 2 to 24 contacts with a rated current of 1 A to 7 A (depending on the number of contacts). The straight and angled cable and flange plugs and receptacles have solder connections. Users can expect more than 500 mating cycles from these 678 series connectors.

Bayonet NCC Connectors

These reliable circular connectors in cable and flange versions with bayonet locking correspond to protection class IP67 when mated. The flange version offers IP67 protection even when unmated. 770 series connectors have 8 gold-plated contacts with a rated current of 2 A each. Cable glands are suitable for cables with a diameter of 2.5 to 4mm, 4 to 6mm and 6 to 8mm. Users can expect more than 5000 mating cycles.

Push-Pull IP67 Connectors

440 Series push-pull circular connectors are designed for demanding applications that require a fast IP67 connection with the option of EMC shielding. They are available with 3 to 19 contacts in straight cable and flange versions with solder termination. The cable passage is 4 to 8mm. Depending on the number of contacts, 440 series connectors are designed for a rated current of 3 A to 7 A.

M16 IP40 Connectors

The M16 connectors of the 581, 680 and 682 series according to DIN EN 61076-2-106 are available with 2 to 24 contacts with crimp, dip solder, screw clamp, solder and stranded wire connection. The connectors are available as straight and angled cable versions as well as flange versions. Many versions are shieldable. Depending on the number, the contacts are designed for a rated current of 1 A to 7 A.


M16 IP67 Connectors

These circular connectors according to DIN EN 61076-2-106, which are available as straight and angled cable versions as well as flange versions, comply with protection class IP67. The connectors are offered with 2 to 24 contacts with dip solder, crimp, screw clamp, solder and stranded wires and are also available with a moulded cable. Some versions are shieldable and users can expect more than 500 mating cycles. The 8-pole DIN versions are AWG compliant.

M16 X Connectors

binder 415 series X-coded M16 connectors can handle data transfer rates up to an impressive 10 Gbits/s. The 8-contact series includes a male and female cable connector and a female flange connector for front connection. When mated, they have IP67 protection. They are available with dip solder or insulation displacement connections.

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