Ex and EMC-Ex Cable Glands


Ex cable glands are designed for use on electrical equipment in hazardous areas in accordance with EN 60079-0, EN 60079-1 and EN 60079-7.

HUMMEL cable glands offer explosion protection for the types of protection:


  • Ex e – increased safety: These cable glands prevent the occurrence of sparks or arcs which could lead to an explosion
  • Ex d – flameproof enclosure: housing and cable glands withstand the explosion pressure inside the housing and prevent transmission to the outside
  • Ex t – Dust explosion protection: The cable gland has an increased tightness that reliably prevents dust from entering an enclosure

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Plastic Cable Glands

Plastic cable glands for Ex e area

These cable glands meet the ignition protection types Ex e. This applies to all areas where "increased safety" is prescribed. The range includes cable glands in numerous sizes for all common clamping ranges as well as variants with multi and flat cable inserts.

Metal Cable Glands Ex e

Metal cable glands for Ex e area

Metal for hazardous areas are available in brass (nickel-plated) and stainless steel versions. PVDF sealing inserts are recommended for applications at very high temperatures. In addition to numerous sizes and variants for many clamping ranges, HUMMEL also offers multi and flat cable inserts.

Cable Glands for ex d

Metal cable glands for Ex d area

Cable glands of the HSK-Ex-d series are designed for use on electrical equipment in hazardous areas with protection type "d" according to EN 60079.


EMC-Ex Glands

EMC Ex e cable glands

Cable glands of the HSK-Ex series are designed for use on electrical equipment in hazardous areas with protection type "e" according to EN 60079. Two different EMC protection systems ensure long-term contacting and easy assembly.

Ex Accessoires

Ex Accessories

Plugs made of polyamide, brass and stainless steel as well as other accessories for all series of Hummel cable glands for explosion-proof areas with protection type "e" and/or "d".

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